Forest Come Full Circle

It’s not long ago that Forest were struggling in the Championship, awaiting a new investment deal to take them on to the next step. Needing this to play catch up and with a relegation struggle with a manager that isn’t very popular. Even more coincidental is that we have a captain whose contract is up at the end of the season, and might well be leaving to a Midlands rival. And even more coincidental we have a young striker banging in goals for fun at youth level with people calling for him to be given a chance.

And yet here we are. The legacy of the Fawaz regime is that we are right back where he found us. He has been a failure. The club if anything is worse off, as the club have lost so many back room staff. Average attendances have plummeted. However if you actually look the attendances this time of year are quite similar but the recent mid-week games didn’t go above 18k.

Lansbury is in a to and fro. Subject to bids in region of £3mill from Aston Villa, with Derby also sniffing around, it is reminiscent of the Wes Morgan saga. Ben Brereton has a host of fans wanting him to be given a chance up front, in much the same way Patrick Bamford did 5 years ago.

Steve Cotterill was widely unpopular. Montanier isn’t there yet, but his popularity has plunged in recent weeks. If this was a normal season of Fawaz he would be gone. Fawaz though does not want to spend money at all. And neither would he really when in the next few days a new man would likely have to foot the bill of binning him off.

So ok Fawaz came in after that season, and a lot of what I’ve listed above isn’t his fault. But the guy had a blank template and the chance to move us on. And yet we are in the same boat as just before he came long. Full circle.

Fawaz promised so much, and for a short while it looked like it might be a good thing. I defended him for a while, but the O’Driscoll saga was a huge red flag. But I gave him time, he’d learn from his mistakes. But sadly those errors have gotten worse and worse. He will not accept any failure on his behalf. This is because of his sycophantic clings on who tell him he is doing the right thing. That loon Emad clearly has no football knowledge but he’s in Fawaz inner circle. And worse still they are trying to buy peoples love with Emads ticket give ways.

The big screens, the player investment, it was all material things. The real fabric of the club has stayed the same and not moved with the times. Commercially we barely have any presence. The Academy is in health despite of Fawaz not because of. The ground continues to age badly, and we had the whole Health and Safety disaster at the start of the season.

Fawaz has been a joke in the last two years. And his Twitter rants have becomes tiresome. The dawn of the new ear when Fawaz came in was a Chairman engaging with fans on Twitter. This was refreshing and nice, up until it was clearly obvious he wasn’t using this as a means to talk to fans, but also to try and grow his popularity by making decisions based on reacting to Twitter based fans.

The new regime will not be like this. As far as I can tell they aren’t active Twitter users. The problem will be now a certain breed of fan thinks this engagement is normal and will start decrying the fact the new regime don’t have an online presence. It’s not normal to have this, so why would they. I’ve seen some fans asking why the new American regime isn’t talking to fans on twitter. This is what caused half the problems in the first place!!!

But as I say, here we are. Struggling. 5 years have passed. 5 years where so much has happened, but so little has changed.