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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Bitter Burke Pill to Swallow

So I had planned to write a transfer rumour roundup on some of the rumours doing the rounds about the mythical striker we are set to be signing. Instead has come the Oliver Burke bombshell.

Burke - celebrating a Forest goal
It feels extremely deflating. At the end of the day he was always likely to leave, but I hoped it would be next year after an excellent year with Forest. Again I can understand a huge offer has come in and the club has to listen. It’s a club record fee for a 19 year old. And that’s the key here, it’s a huge fee and in football money talks.

The part that grates is that we had been assured that players were not going to be sold. Fawaz made assurances the club would not sell, but lo and behold we have sold the clubs major asset. Again we have had that before, Fawaz making assurances before promptly selling. It still annoys though.

And again like before it appears this is all happened behind the managers back. Like Fawaz did to Pearce with Lascelles and Darlow, the player has been sold by the chairman at his decree. Reports suggest, and I stress suggest, that both Montanier and Pedro Perreira were not in on the deal, and have both been surprised at the fee taken for the Scottish winger. That many think the figure is lower than it could/should be speaks volumes. Even more, Burke felt surprised the club accepted an offer, he didn't feel the need to leave, but has accepted no doubt a bumper deal with cash rich Leipzig.

What will be important is what this means for the club as a whole. That money has to be reinvested. We all knew that we had a £1million budget to play with this season essentially in transfer fees, but now we have a bounty that we could utilise. Whatever we do or not is another matter.

Burke- Signing for Leipzig
And I stress that because of numerous things I have heard or read about what is happening behind the scenes. The al-Hasawi family have cut the fund to Fawaz; the club basically have to survive now without the windfalls we got before. Hence we were getting a new investment fund (which was a takeover but Fawaz wouldn’t say). Now the takeover has dragged on and on, to the point that Fawaz has to find some funds from somewhere, and has taken the first offer that surpassed his valuation.

What I have heard is that the takeover has dragged on because the Greeks are unhappy with Fawaz, and his non-payment of numerous bills, especially whilst the takeover has been going on. Fawaz has apparently been cutting corners and not investing, and Evangelos Marinakis isn’t happy that he has potentially being left with Fawaz’s bills.

That is what is dragging on as these details get thrashed out. Now Burke has been sold, will the Greeks fully pull out as the clubs major asset has gone? My gut feeling is that Fawaz has got distracted with the deal taking a long time and has sold to pay the bills for meantime, taking the money as a severance before packing up to run the Kuwaiti FA.

I remember feeling really happy after a 2 goal win against Leeds at home once before, when Fawaz sacked O’Driscoll and we got that first indication we had a chairman who was a loose cannon. It appears we have come round to that point again. Post Leeds we are dealt a huge blow by the Chairman’s actions.

Modern football is rubbish.

Positivity Returns

Positivity is back
Something is in the air around the City ground and it’s something we aren’t that used to. It’s something I wonder how long it will stay around, and that’s positivity.

Now of course that stems from three home wins out of three, and a mini cup run which brings a Premier League big boy in Arsenal to the City Ground, that will make anyone happy. And the fact that we largely kept Leeds out yesterday despite previous Defensive frailties against Wigan and Burton.

It’s amazing that the small margins that can change fans mood. I had heard low level murmuring when at 3-3 with Wigan before winning that late on, and Twitter had seen some fans ridiculously suggesting Montanier should be under pressure of the defence continued to be leaky.

There’s still I think a culture of some fans ready to be disappointed, so the situation where they round on a new keeper online after a few errors in his first two games, the instant decisions over Vellios, especially after a missed penalty, and the general apathy a lot of fans (again the Twitter crowds) have towards the likes of Lansbury, and the general moaning about the team being rotated constantly.

Three wins and Derby’s continuing bad start though has led to fans to start speaking of a new dawn. Things are happy again (the bloke who sites near me I often mention will never be happy). Chris Cohen spoke post match yesterday about never having this feeling at the club in all his time. There is a belief in the team, they will score, and score often.

When you have a young talent ripping teams to shreds that everyone covets, it makes you proud of the team. Burke is doing just that, but that Osborn is established first team, Cash is looking a real prospect, and that Montanier has no fear to give youngsters a chance.

It’s not completely 100mph football, but it is high energy, when we break, we break quickly with Burke and Pereira marauding down the right flank. Yes it leaves us exposed at the flank as Pereira seems to forget at times he’s a defender, but it also entertains fans. Those runs from the right back had given two assists. He can’t do that against some teams but for now it hasn’t been overly costly.

Goals have been spread, and though we do rely on Assombalonga for a hug goal threat, Burke has scored 4. The rest of the team have started to score too. Kasami was off the mark this week, Lam has two, and with Perquis proving an aerial threat at set pieces too. Even Veldwijk has netted.

We even scored corners; Osborn has great delivery from dead ball situations. His corners have led to goals now, and Lansbury, oft maligned corner delivery has produced a goal too.

And with Assombalonga again coming back, and Pinillos to slot into this team, it looks extremely promising. Goals are flowing, youngsters being blooded and even looking first teamers, and the chance of future signings, it feels a good time to be Forest fan.

All we need is the crowds to be coming back now. 20k against Leeds is not good enough. I know its holiday season and that football is an expensive sport to follow, but the fans need to come back. The Arsenal game should fill the ground and if we play well there, then maybe they will be encourages to turn up to the smaller matches too.
Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Ground Debacle Highlights Bigger Issues

We spoke before about the problems with the ground and how surely it would be solved by a simple process. Since then more detail have come to light and it really shows the lack of regard shown the club by Fawaz right now.

Fawaz after all his flamboyant spending in his first two years has been shown to be unwilling to spend anymore even on day to day basic maintenance of the club, be it wages or the ground.

The is whole sorry episode has bought into focus the real issue right now about that lack of investment in basic infrastructure, and how the Fawaz regime is a shoddily built house of cards, rather than any solid foundation.

Until the takeover is complete this will be a standoff. Fawaz unwilling to spend any cash on the club and the day to running whilst knowing he is selling and therefore losing any costs he spends. Therefore the takeover can’t come soon enough, and although the national media cry foul over Marinakis, many fans are just crying out for closure.

Right now, with the 20% reduction in capacity, we would not have huge issues with day to selling of tickets. We surpassed that attendance only three times last season. That however masks the issue of real questions over what the present regime is/has been doing. And that’s ground safety and ground maintenance.

It definitely appears that Fawaz has decided to cut corners. This has been evident over the years. Financial mis-management and general bad practice has become the norm. With missed and late payments resulting in winding up orders, it seems that the clubs actual running has been completely neglected. The only investment being big shiny showy signings. The other investments were the big screens and video advertising boards.

When you think about it, the only other work on the ground was the cleaning of the green mould on the Trent End. This for me symbolises the entire regime. Doing things for show. Every investment and every expenditure has always been a showy gesture.

It calls me to remember the old interviews where Fawaz would show his big cars, or his ostentatious lifestyle as how wealthy he is. It symbolises the man, he needs trophy prizes. It’s probably why we see so many hunting pictures; everything is about having that tangible prize he can show off.
What’s not a tangible prize is a health and safety certificate. So it gets neglected and forgotten. Is a nuisance to be side-lined and forgotten. He gets no plaudits or fans love from having a valid safety certificate. Only things which are visible signs get done. So the stand is cleaned, and big screens get installed. Every day maintenance of keeping things stable, safe and sound, forgotten.

So it appeared that that Alan Bexon in his guise of Chief of safety or whatever role requested some changes and amendments to the ground to fulfil his confidence the ground was safe. What these are I am unsure, but he had a list of things that needed to be done, but Fawaz, being Fawaz because he’s selling didn’t want to invest, and because these things aren’t showy he hadn’t secured them in the past either. So they were neglected and got to the point this year that Mr Bexon was unwilling to sign the requisite form to say the ground was safe because his wishes were not fulfilled. Therefore we had no ssignatory for the ground, and so it was the council reduced it to 0%. We now have 80% because the council still have some concerns, and those in part will down to what Mr Bexon saw as important work.

Now it’s a complete embarrassment that could have been covered up had a smallish sum just be invested? But Fawaz doesn’t like spending on things he can’t show off. So season tickets were apparently late because the printers weren’t paid, who withheld delivery till they were paid.

Personnel around the club has been badly run, because who really can show off about their behind the scenes staff. Who really cares about the catering staff, the administration teams, the marketing? It doesn’t get headlines or fans plaudits, so these sides of the business were largely just ran as minimally as possible. Everything was geared towards optimising playing staff whilst neglecting the rest of the club.

Ask yourself, if the owner can’t be arsed to invest in keeping you and I safe in the ground, then that relay shows the regard he has. He just wanted to show he succeeded in making a club as big as possible, with glorified trophies of exciting players. Hence Fawaz made large expensive trophy signings that never worked.

The end of this regime can’t come soon enough. I was a Fawaz apologist for too long. This summer has shown him for the idiot he is, and suddenly all these things, all these cracks he painted over, everything he left till later at the cost of promotion have suddenly come and hit him in the face. What else has been neglected or sidelined we are yet to find out about? I shudder to think.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Britt Brexit??

So a throw away comment in a rumour section in a tabloid that is liberal with the truth has led to a meltdown amongst Forest fans believing that Britt Assombalonga is Norwich bound. The figure banded around is £7million, which would  represent around even money (The £8mill figure bandied around was inclusive of add ons and various clauses).

What puzzles me is the fact that many fans see the deal as done when there has been no concrete interest other than the Sun claiming something. We should know now from over the years that with the various Lansbury saga’s just because a club wants a player doesn’t mean we have to sell that player. And just because a low offer comes in doesn't mean that a higher juicier offer will.

Now the sum suggested that Norwich will pay is a low figure yes, but think, when you play Football manager or FIFA do you try to buy a player at top value first, or test the water with lower bids? When you buy a house you don’t go in at the top end, you see what value you can get, before making more concrete bids. They may or may not come. The rumour mill moved on to Norwich looking at McCormack instead.

This was followed by the news of chasing a £6mill rated Greek playing in Belgium. Far too many linear views of seeing two not too dissimilar values, meant people (as usual Hannah) thought that this definitely 100% meant Britt is off. I struggle to understand the black or white type of view many people take. 'It's this or this, but nothing in between.'

Furthermore, the meltdown seems to forget one vital thing. We need to be a more financially savvy club. The same fans claiming a lack of skill in financial management and how its terrible we reached such a state are also the first to bemoan player sales as small time mentality. You can’t in this day and age have both. Buying and then selling for profit has to be a cornerstone of our business. That does mean a higher price yes, but the fact we held on to players till they were were of no financial value bought us to here. We have to attempt to balance the books. Which could well mean player sales. Not for the pittance offered, but in general.

And for me this final point is important. As fans, as a collective, we can't see sales as a lack of ambition. Sometimes players want to move. They have a limited career and seek to maximise earnings. If you were offered the chance of double, or tripling the money you earn you would take it. We have to be realistic, players want to go to the highest level possible.

To summarise though, just because Norwich have expressed an interest doesn't mean Assombalonga is off. Additionally though, player sales could well be likely to offset other losses. The next year or two need to be nursed through to negate the splurges we made before with the increased length of window FFP is considered over.
Saturday, 9 July 2016

Transfer Rumour Roundup: 7th July 2016

As ever we round up the rumours going round elsewhere, whether off Twitter, Facebook, Forums or Rumour sites. We look at the possibility of them signing on a case by case basis.


Luca Bittante Italian right back, and yes, that word Italian. We all know how these have gone before, but maybe they wouldn’t be like Silenzi, Petrachi et al. The 22 year old plays for Empoli in Serie A,  but would he swap life playing against Inter and Juve for playing Burton and Rotherham? Theres also rumours of Genoa being in for him so it would appear this ones a bit unlikely, but stranger things have happened. Its an interesting sign this is the type of player we are linked with. Lower 20’s with something to prove (and huge resale value)
Luca Bittante
Toze, or António José Pinheiro Carvalho, is a midfielder for Vitoria Guimaraes in Portugal After coming through Porto youth ranks, and a loan at Estoril, he is now at Vitoria. At 23 years old he fits the mould of signings we are chasing, and with midfielders being a focal point, but Toze is a more attacking midfielder, and his whole link seems to be just a case of people looking at up and coming Portuguese players Perriera might look at. I’d be amazed if this is anything beyond a lazy link. values him at around £2mill.

Alex Soares
Another potentially lazy Portuguese link is Alex Soares of Maratimo is a more defensively minded midfielder. Valued at around £1million he has a year left on his contract. At 25 he is at the higher end of the age range the new regime are likely looking into signing. Can’t see this one happening.
Alex Soares

Che Adams
The Sheffield United striker is attracting interest. The 19 year old was subject to a £1million bid from an unnamed Premier League side, which has been turned down, and there are those who believe we should test their resolve with a bigger offer in region of £1.5mill. Adams would surely revel at the chance to make the step up, and would be handy to ease in and out the team. However signing him would surely spell the end for Tyler Walker.
Che Adams

Zach Clough
Bolton attacking midfielder/forward available following Bolton’s financial meltdown and relegation. Reading and Celtic are being strongly linked amongst others. I think the names romantic connotations are leading people to imagine a new Clough at Forest, but it looks like he will be going elsewhere.
Zach Clough


Jamie Paterson
Keeps being rumoured with a departure and Huddersfield are the main club linked due to their interest and loan last season. Has been featured today in a pre season and we need wide players right now. Paterson has been said to have a new focus so there could well be space or him.

Henri Lansbury
Continually suggested to be attracting Premier League or high level Championship teams. Forest may seek to cash in on him whilst they can rather than letting him go for free. Forest would also like to tie him to a new deal without clauses and to extend his stay (or increase his value)

Aside from that I think it a case of a good offer for anyone or everyone would be considered.  From Blackstock or Fryatt getting paid off, to Oliver Burke being cashed in on, it definitely seems the squad will be added to and not made smaller.

Stadium Closed

It shouldn’t have escaped your attention that the ground has had its capacity reduced to zero in light of the fact we have no nominated person in charge for stadium safety. As a consequence the council have deemed us unable to have fans attend games as its not in line with health and Safety protocol.
I’ve been that nominated person for an office before. An obligatory name put on a sheet as the person to go or to possibly reprimand should anything happen. It’s just a name., No real qualifications are required and in many cases the Owner or CEO is the name that’s get put on that. We had Alan Bexon. Now we need a new name. It’s that simple.

And yet the internet and everyone else would have us believe it’s a huge calamity, rather than just a blip that can be easily corrected with a couple of signatures basically.

So why is this news?

Well for one there isn’t much else happening right now at Forest, so anything becomes news. No matter how trivial.

Secondly the local media seem to have shifted in the summer to an approach of barrage us with as much crap as possible, not matter how banal or crap that it is. The more news, the more click,s and therefore the more revenue. Hence we were reporting on other clubs transfer activity. Hence Dery Telegraph keep reporting our news. Purely for attention and sweet sweet revenue bringing advertisng clicks.

The council of course were the source of the “leak” and we have had our battles with them before the stadium. I still have no doubt they'd rather us out and have the land for their own to do something with. But ah well. So they like to try and embarrass us at every juncture.

At the end of the day this doesn't matter. Its embarrassing yes and silly. and should never have happened. But at the end of the day this will be sorted easily and should never have made the news. As I saym it shouldn;t have been in a position to make the news though.





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